Individual, Couple/partner and family coaching

The aim is to support the individual, couple or family through targeted questions and discussions, so that new perspectives and orientations can be found.

School and education coaching

The choice of a suitable education is a major challenge, first and foremost for the concerned adolescents and young adults, but also for their families.

Coaching can manage to reduce the effects of crises; it participates in finding a solution and promotes the development of a motivating, realistic life project, contributing to personal development.

Retiree coaching

Getting old well, having the potential to enjoy positive aspects coming with age (devoting more attention to family, friends and society, to interpersonal relatioships and simply enjoying life) are the positive challenges for today's retirees.

At the same time, numerous constraints arise, often in conjunction with growing responsibility for older or increasingly disabled relatives, putting a heavy burden on those concerned and impeding their capacity of enjoying life.

The coach, standing outside of the mesh of family ties, is helpful and liberating in finding, planning and orienting solutions to the burdens in this phase of life.