When important changes in one's life come up, whether they are positive (marriage, starting a family, retiring) or negative (divorce, illness, suffering the loss of a relative) it is useful to call in an external coach.

Habit, behaviour and lifestyle changes

The durable modification of obstructive or destructive behaviours is simplified by knowledge of the psychology of habit formation and how to adopt new habits step by step. In this process, it is essential to anticipate how the new lifestyle will feel.

Expat coaching

Expatriation, a stay abroad for professional reasons, often limited in time, is a challenge for everyone concerned.

You can take advantage of my knowledge of the country, my long experience of exaptriation and my objective position, being outside the concerned company or community. Systemic family, couple or partner coaching can help to fully take advantage of the opportunities coming with expatriation, while addressing the apprehensions of all family members, so that everyone adheres to the project and can benefit from it.

Burnout prevention

Burnout is a psychological and physical state of exhaustion and disinterest. It typically evolves from a light lassitude to serious physical and mental disorders, which can include depression and work incapacitation.

Early indicators include a reduced pleasure capacity, insomnia, lasting exhaustion, vulnerability to infectious diseases, but also taking on an exaggerated amount of work or noticeable withdrawal from previous activities.

In the first stages, helping the coachee to help him/herself can be successful, in the framework of a systemic (life or vocational) coaching. To this effect, the situation is analysed to find necessary adaptations in the working environment and lifestyle, and to put them into practice.

When a psychiatric treatment or psychotherapy is necessary, systemic coaching can participate in finding and implementing the required lifestyle changes.