Specialization on the education sector

I coach people, teams and organizations in mobilizing and developing their resources, when conflicts arise or when changes occur. I have a particular expertise in the sector of education

  • from long experience at different levels of responsibility and in different fields of the education sector,
  • from the experience of nominating and evaluating co-workers and teachers,
  • from initiating, directing and evaluating processes concerning school development and reform,
  • from the expertise in the evaluation of paedagogic suitability of school building projects.

Forms of coaching

Coaching for individuals

Individual coaching is directed at the individual requirements of the coachee, and strives to widen his/her competence in decision-making and improve his/her position in the working environment.

In this context, shaping one's occupational role, managing challenging situations, reflecting one's own behaviour, developing new strategies, preparing for meetings or presentations are some important subjects.

Coaching for groups and teams

When coaching groups or teams, the goal is to improve communication, cooperation, solve conflicts and untangle elusive responsibility chains. It is also helpful to put projected changes into practice and to improve work efficiency.

The coach's role often is to mediate and moderate. The solution cannot be edicted from outside, but has to be found within the group.


Supervision (for individuals, groups and teams) allows to reflect one's actions and behaviour in concrete situations, with the coach and possibly within a group of sympathetic colleagues as experts and equals.

Organisation coaching

In coaching organisations, the coach can give valuable impulses exploring and evaluating the the initial situation, on the basis of structured interviews. His knowledge of the relevance of motivation, emotional states and vision guides the mediation process.