I am offering psychosocial coaching, using a holistic systemic approach, which means that I take into account the social environment, and how the pursued changes will affect it.

Systemic life coaching provides the tools to improve or (re)create psychological and social well-being.

Psychosocial coaching is limited to cases for which no medical or psychiatric therapy is necessary. Coaching can also accompany such therapies, in particular when they require lasting changes in behaviour.

Course of action

You contact me, sketch your concerns and propose appointment times.

We settle for a time and a place (usually in my office in 1080 Wien, Lammgasse 3/3).

During the first meeting, we convene on the formal details and try to specify your concerns to reach clear-cut goals for the coaching; we will evaluate the necessary coaching duration accordingly.

Between the coaching sessions, you will deal with the contents of our discussion and put them into practice, which is an essential part of life coaching.

Characteristics of systemic coaching

  • A holistic approach to the coachee and his/her social environment
  • A protected, confidential setting, an overseable coaching duration and a path to realistic goals
  • Faith in the person's resources and their (re)activation
  • A constructivistic stance oriented on the future, which allows to look at problems from different perspectives, to challenge what is seemingly certain and to loosen the grip of blockades by pointing to alternatives.
  • A respectful relation on an equal footing, with shared responsibility. The coach is responsible for the technique, the methods used and the path taken. The coachee is in charge of him/herself, the goal and the implementation of the results.

Changes start with the first tangible step: incipit!